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“Effective fund raisers are not fast-talking salespeople trying to bring a quick buck to the institution. They are people who share and convey a deep belief in the merit and worth of the organization they represent ... You have to believe that your institution makes a difference.”

Jerold Panas
“Born to Raise: What Makes a Great Fund Raiser”

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It's Radiothon time at WRUW for 2012! The most important time of the year! Read this material to get ready for the fundraiser:

** 5 Keys to an Effective Pledge Break **

** 5 Reasons Listeners Don't Donate and How to Overcome Them **

** 7 common mistakes WRUW programmers make during the telethon - and how to avoid those mistakes **

** 2012 Pledge Levels with Pictures of Premiums (coming soon)**

On April 9th, we'll kick into high gear for Radiothon 2012. We'll be turning on the mics and asking for listener support to keep our lovely little station growing over the next year.

Our success is in your hands!

First ... here's a quick summary of 2011:

  • $53,706 pledged from 841 listeners (in 2010, we had 690 people pledge $45,766)
    • 2011 Median pledge amount: $50
  • $50,813.36 received (an amazing 95% of pledged amount)
  • 229 people gave $100 or more in 2011 ($22,900!!)
  • 31 people gave $200 or more
  • 73% used a credit card for their pledges
  • 24% pledged online through WRUW.ORG
  • Approximately $6,000 of donations came from outside of our listening area, including one donation from a soldier stationed in Afghanistan.

Let's do better this year! Let's break for $60,000!


When your Radiothon show rolls around will you be poised and confident to ask listeners for money? ... or will you be tongue-tied and terrified?

Never fear ... this site will help you prepare!

I've created this mini training site to help you be better prepared for the upcoming event, April 9th through April 15th, 2012. The goal is to help you gain some confidence ... some reassurance ... and some guidance for having a successful Radiothon show.

  • Listen to and steal from audio samples from past fundraisers
  • Discover Common Radiothon Mistakes to avoid during a Radiothon
  • Review a list of how we spent money on equipment last year
  • Find out our equipment plans for the next year
  • Download free worksheets for planning a successful Radiothon show
  • Follow links to other fundraising resources

But remember to use your brain, too

I encourage you to read and apply the information on these pages and do something with the knowledge you gain. Remember this ...

The universal truth of all knowledge:
What you know means nothing.
What you DO with what you know can change your life.

If you just read these pages and say "Gee that's nice stuff", but you don't do anything with what you read ... than you'll be wasting your time.

Help WRUW have another fantastic fundraiser!

P.S.: We suggest you start by reading one or more of the seven common mistakes.